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Crystal Mo @ Zia Restaurant

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Crystal Mo has been a guest of Hayk Veyshtort's private dining on October 8th of 2021 at ZIA Restaurant (Fairmont Grand Hotel) in Kyiv.

Crystal Mo, Academy Chair for: China & Korea 50 Best, an editor for Conde Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times T Style Magazine, Departures, Black Ink, Forbes Travel, CNNGo and more.

While creating this set-menu, Hayk Veyshtort was using only local produce. In addition, he shared his secret of creating the perfect pears for his dessert - the method of smoking in a "black" bath (without a chimney).

The signature dinner menu included:

  • Assorted appetizers: salad in egg, pink radish with langoustines, mini eclair with salmon, edible menu.

  • Seasonal pumpkin soup with persimmon and smoked red caviar: fresh pumpkin soup with delicately crispy persimmon slices and bursting caviar balls

  • Tar-tare dolma: the idea of ​​the dish came from the chef's childhood - raw meet instead of cooked under a crispy dried grape leaf, the dish became the discovery of the evening

  • Lazy dumplings with crab - mini dumplings that perfectly combine cottage cheese and crab meat, with Black Sea shrimp bisque sauce

  • Pike perch with whey foam and dried tuna

  • Wild venison with garlic ice cream

  • Lemon duck and assorted mini-desserts (among the mini-desserts, the smoked pear tartlets definetely attracted attention).

Credits to Novoe Vremya:

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